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Spend less time worrying and more time monitoring with this wireless entrance alert. Model TX-RX1000-A

by Rodann Electronics

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Long Range Wireless Entrance Alert
$149.98 $119.98
Entrance Alert Extra Receiver for "A" systems only
$90.98 $60.98
Entrance Alert Extra Transmitter for "A" systems only
$90.98 $60.98

Are you the owner of a small business and worried about missing positional customers while tending to the various needs of maintaining your business? Or in the same aspect do you need to know when deliveries arrive to your warehouse? Well with the Rodann RX/TX 1000-LA you can set up this wireless entrance alert system to let you know whenever someone comes through your door. Always know when someone is in your store without you being restricted to a central location. The Rodann RX/TX 1000-LA wireless entrance alert is a set that includes one receiver (RX 1000-LA) and one transmitter (TX 1000-LA). 

 This is the newer "A" unit. It is not compatible with older models no labeled with an "A".

The receiver (RX 1000A) comes with a volume control and can be plugged into a wall outlet 1000 feet or closer to the transmitter.  Multiple transmitters can be installed in front of various doors. You can also use multiple receivers to monitor different doors. For example, you have one transmitter and receiver set up to monitor your front door for when customers walk in, which will emit a ding dong signaling you the alarm has been tripped. You can then have another transmitter and receiver set up on the back door for deliveries which will emit a dong dong. In my opinion, this is the best wireless entry alert system available.

The transmitter (TX1000A) can be set up at any entrance you wish to monitor.It can be mounted in multiple locations: ceiling, sideways, or in the door jam. For optimal results, place unit on ceiling 1 foot in from door pointed down towards threshold. To change the battery on the unit simply find the slot on the side of the box and insert a coin or the corner of a flat head screw driver to remove. After attaching the battery snaps to your 9 volt battery place it back into the battery holder. You can alter the tone that emits from the receiver by adjusting dip switches # 5 and #6 located on the back. Make sure that the transmitter and receivers dip switches match up. It will let you know whenever someone has entered or exited through a door. It will work on any type of door including roll up warehouse doors. You can add on to the wireless system to monitor multiple doors. It does not matter if the door is open or closed.

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