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Need a siren? How about a strobe light? We have it!

The main reason behind the versatility of Rodann Wireless's line of entrance alerts and driveway alerts are the accessories offered for each unit. You can turn one entrance alert into a completely new system with a couple of easy to install accessories. You can use any of the components and add-on's to make a completely customized system that fits your specific needs. We offer fire alarm bell, buzzers, lights, counters and speakers. 

External Siren
by Security2020
$51.97 $39.98

If you want to use a loud siren in place of the ding dong, then so be it. The EXSIR1 is a loud external siren that will sound when the driveway alarm is activated.

Extra Mini Buzzers
by Security2020
$25.97 $19.98

The MINIBZ1 are extra mini buzzers that plug into the side of the receiver and create a small buzzing sound.

Strobe Light - Blue
by Security 2020
$34.98 $29.98

Strobe light addon for many products including the Driveway Informer and DA50 Entrance Alert.

Indoor/Outdoor Fire Alarm Bell
by Security2020
$68.90 $43.98

The Firebell Indoor/Outdoor bells are high quality fire alarm bells that utilize a specially designed gong that gives out a loud mechanical resonant tone.

X10 Interface
by Thomas and Betts
$47.98 $39.98

The X10M interface can be used as a control unit that can be used to turn on lights as well as remote chime units.

99,999 Click Counter
by Security2020
$45.47 $34.98

If you have a commercial space and would like to keep track of the number of vehicles that entered and left your driveway, then you can use the D2COUNTER 99,999 click counter.

 If you are setting up the system for someone who is hard of hearing or deaf you can install a light to the entrance alert so that it will light up whenever the unit alerts. If you are monitoring in a very noisy environment you can use the fire bell or extra speaker to make the alert much louder. If you prefer not to have a chime or ding sound come from the unit you can purchase the piezo buzzer to make the unit have a buzz type sound when alarming. If you are a business owner and would like to know how many customers are coming into your business, we offer a counter add on. This device will tick and count how many time the unit has alarmed. Incorporating these accessories to your entrance alert or driveway alert couldn't be easier. Most of the add-on's require you to simply wire the accessory to the receiver or transmitter. Some of the components that require higher voltage will require you to add another transformer. That is about as difficult as the installation process will get.  Rodann Wireless likes to keep things simple and user friendly.

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