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Monitor your property like a professional without the price tag to match.

When most people hear home security they usually only think about the security of their home. Some people never even consider making sure that their property is also secure. With a Rodann Wireless driveway alert you can do just that, be alerted whenever someone steps onto your property. We offer (PIR) passive infrared motion sensor, magnetometer (detects metal only), or pneumatic (rubber hose).

When deciding which system you plan to use you have to take a couple of things into account. Is your home located in a hilly, heavily wooded area? Or does your house have metal, concrete or stucco materials? How far is the receiver from the transmitter? These issues will decrease the range and you may need a more powerful transmitter. Do you want to detect any movement or strictly vehicles?

Weatherproof Driveway Alert
by Rodann Electronics
$189.98 $149.98

The Rodann Wireless TX/RX 2000-LA driveway alert features a range of up to 3000 ft. It is so simple to set up and use which make it  one of my favorite Rodann prodcuts. This unit being weatherproof expands the uses of this device.



 While entrance alerts and driveway alerts are very similar there is one thing that sets them apart. The entrance alerts are usually used to monitor doors, and entry ways. Where as the driveway alert is usually used outside to monitor car ports, back porches and of course driveways. While people usually use these units outside, we do have a few entrance alerts that are able to monitor outside due to them being weatherproof.

The versatility of the Rodann Wireless products is what sets them above the competition. The durability of the unit is another contributing factor to what makes this unit one of the best. The only maintenance needed to be done on the units are battery replacement. The battery life is determined on how many times the unit alerts and also how cold it is outside.

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